E-liquids for Beginners – Here Is Everything You Need to Know About

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If you’re new to vaping or trying to quit smoking, you definitely have some inquiries about everything e-liquid-related. It’s simple to become perplexed regarding the many kinds of vape liquids offered if you’ve never utilized a vaping device before.

It’s not just you. In general, a lot of new vapers have that opinion about vaping and e-liquids. They need to learn the fundamentals of e-liquids, but they haven’t chosen the greatest e-liquid flavour, which explains why. By learning more about E-liquid with this guide, you can shake this problem, after reading this topic, you will be able to choose the taste of e-liquids, which is all you bring.


The substance that powers the electronic cigarette is called e-liquid. It is what gives your electronic cigarette the flavouring and nicotine solution. When you exhale, it produces vapour that resembles the typical smoke from analogue cigarettes. Vaping devices create the vapour you inhale using e-liquid, often known as e-juice or vape juice. It’s not only water in e-liquids. They typically include flavouring. There is a unique collection of ingredients for each flavour. The addictive and dangerous component of tobacco products like cigarettes is called nicotine.

E-liquids Come in a Variety of Forms

The fact that there are so many flavour options for vaping is its best feature. This is absurdly more flavour options than traditional tobacco, which has a tobacco/menthol flavour. Furthermore, vaping doesn’t typically leave a strange scent on your skin or clothes; on the contrary, some fresh fruit flavours may leave you with a nice scent. However, smoking always leaves a bad odour on your breath, hair, and clothes. However, today’s topic is type rather than flavour.

Please note that the term “types” used here does not refer to flavours. In general, we classify e-liquid into the following.

1. Short fill

2.  Nic Salt

3. Nicotine Shot

4.  50-50 E-liquid

5.  High VG E-liquid

6.  DIY & Concentrate

Short fill

Nobody could have predicted the effects of this quitting aid when the first e-cigarette was developed in 2003. Both electronic cigarette devices and e-liquids have advanced quickly during the past 20 years. Short-filled vape juices are bigger, 0mg nicotine-strength bottles of liquid that are only 80% full, such as 50ml and 100ml bottles. You can fill the empty space with one or two 10ml nicotine shots to increase the nicotine potency to your preferred level. These e-liquids have a small amount of flavour because their purpose is to add nicotine shots to them, which prevents them from becoming too thin. The TPD limits any e-liquids containing nicotine to a maximum capacity of 10ml, nevertheless. Shortfills were developed as a solution to comply with the TPD regulations while maintaining the convenience and financial savings of larger bottles.

Nic Salt

The pure form of tobacco that can be found in its leaves is called nicotine salt. Nic salts are stable and need a lot of heat to become vapour. Additionally, nicotine salts exist in an ionic form. They have a high absorption rate as a result of being able to quickly pass past the body’s barriers and reach the receptors. Because of this phenomenon, ingesting nicotine salt that has been extracted directly from tobacco leaves won’t give you the desired high. For vaping nicotine salts, alternative extraction methods are therefore required.

Nicotine Shot

A 10ml vial of plain nicotine liquid serves as a nicotine shot, sometimes known as a “Nic shot.” Nicotine shots shouldn’t be added straight to an e-cigarette tank and vaped on its own, despite being sold in a bottle that looks identical to those of Nic salts and 50/50 10ml e-liquids. Instead, it is meant to be combined with larger bottles and short fills of nicotine-free e-liquid.

50-50 E-liquid

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the two main ingredients of e-liquid, are typically combined in 50/50 proportions to create 50/50 e-liquid. These components, sometimes referred to as PG & VG, are crucial in assisting you in selecting the proper kind of e-liquid for your vape kit or vape tank. The best place to start when switching from traditional smoking to vaping is with 50/50 vape juice. E-juice that is 50VG/50PG is very suitable with starting kits, provides a smooth throat hit, and comes in a tone of flavours.

High VG E-liquid

The term “high VG” refers to the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) that is contained in the vaping juice, typically in a ratio of 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG (rarely), and frequently combined with lower nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. High VG e-liquids are perfect for sub-ohm vaping devices since they produce a lot of thick, hazy vapour and have a pleasant throat hit.

DIY & Concentrate

Have you ever considered making your own DIY e-juice and vape liquid? This device can help you create extreme concentrated flavours of vape juices if you have the imagination and drive to manufacture your own e-Juices.

The following are some benefits of DIY and concentrate vape juices.

1. As the name suggests, DIY & Concentrate would result in a less expensive vape juice substitute without compromising the high calibre of the E-Liquids.

2. You can easily regulate the intensity of your flavour by changing the quantity of flavouring you use.

3. You can stretch a tiny bit of DIY flavour concentrate to blend about 50ml of e-liquid with just 3.5ml of it.

4. A variety of ready-to-mix and vape flavours for your enjoyment. Your own flavour combinations and recipes should be created.

Components of e-liquid

Every vape juice available contains a maximum of four E-Liquid ingredients; however, some contain fewer. Let’s learn more about these E-Liquid components and how they work in your vape.

1.  Propylene Glycol

2.  Vegetable Glycerin

3.  Flavorings

4.  Nicotine

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a viscous, colourless liquid with almost no odour. Beyond being a food additive, it serves a variety of purposes. Numerous products need it to keep their consistency, wetness, and texture intact. A thin, semi-sweet, odourless material known as propylene glycol, or PG for short, serves as a taste carrier in e-liquids. One of the two basic E-Liquid ingredients, it makes up the majority of your vape juice when blended in different proportions with the other foundation ingredients.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin, often known as glycerin, is a clear liquid with a syrup-like consistency that tastes pleasant and has no odour. It is made from the plant fats in carrier oils like soybean or coconut oil. It is also soluble in alcohol and water, making it simple to work with. Our vegetable glycerin is non-GMO soy-based, USP quality, and organically produced.


These E-Liquid ingredients are all people’s favourites. The flavourings determine whether you get a decent coffee flavour or a nice fruity ice blend. Every flavour in e-liquids is of food-grade quality. It is reasonable for some people to prefer vaping just with natural chemicals. However, without artificial flavourings, the market for e-liquids would be completely empty. Numerous flavour profiles would be unreachable, and the cost of E-Liquids as a whole would increase.


The nicotine that is derived from the tobacco plant is liquid nicotine. Compared to nicotine used in tobacco cigarettes, which are made from dried tobacco leaves, liquid nicotine is purer. Freebase Nicotine or ordinary nicotine is the name given to the majority of conventional liquid nicotine, but nicotine salts are quickly gaining popularity.

The most popular alternatives for nicotine “mg” strengths in e-liquids are as follows:



3mg 5mg 6mg



Due to the wide range of nicotine strengths, it is simple for ex-smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine intake by switching to the next lower nicotine strength on a regular basis. Thanks to vaping, many former smokers have completely stopped using nicotine.

Which E-liquid Is Best for You?

The following factors will determine whatever e-liquid you select:

1.  Size of the bottle you desire to carry

2. nicotine strength you wish to use

3.  You want to expel a large amount of vapour.

Size of the bottle you desire to carry.

Your choice of e-liquid will have advantages and disadvantages:

Regular 10ml or Nicotine Salts: These little 10ml bottles are portable and ready to use because the nicotine has been blended for you.

Shortfills: Although these bulkier bottles are less portable, they offer better value for money. But before you vape, you must mix in the desired amount of nicotine.

In the end, each has advantages, but as was already indicated, if you vape between 0 and 3 mg, you have the option of choosing between Regular 10 mg or Shortfill.

Nicotine strength you wish to use.

From nicotine-free or 0mg to the highest authorized level permitted in the UK, which is 20mg or 2%, e-liquids are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths. Like a cigarette, more nicotine is supplied with a stronger “throat hit” when the per cent or mg amount is higher. We’ll give a clear explanation of which strength should work best for you based on your prior smoking habits, depending on whether you intend to vape MTL or DTL style.

You could choose one of the following e-liquids, depending on your nicotine level:

0mg – 3mg: Regular 10mls or Shortfills

3mg – 18mg: Regular 10mls

5mg – 20mg: Nicotine Salts

You want to expel a large amount of vapor

As was already discussed, the VG/PG ratio of all e-liquids determines how dense the vapour clouds are when you inhale:

40VG/60PG – 60VG/40PG: These are typical “low VG” ratios, and thinner e-liquid results in vapour clouds that are harder to notice.

70VG/30PG – 100VG/0PG: ‘High VG’ ratios are frequently used, and thicker e-liquid produces thicker vapour clouds.

50VG/50VG: The most popular VG/PG ratio balances vapour thickness and cloud size.

Simply said, bigger clouds of vapour result from thicker e-liquid (higher VG%). Beginners should start with 50VG/50PG, which is the best and most widely used combination.

Tips For Using E-Liquids

Having your vape kit and e-liquid ready is a good start, but you also need to know how to use your e-cigarette vape juice correctly. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of practical advice to make sure you don’t make mistakes while smoking your e-liquids.

1. Purchase e-liquids only from reputable retailers.

2. Charge your vape device using the included charger.

3. Maintain proper e-liquid storage.

4. Maintain hydration

5. Avoid burning a dry coil.