Unleash the Flavor, Elux firerose EX4500 Vape

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Unleash the Flavour: Elux firerose EX4500 Vape
Elux Firerose

The Elux Firerose EX4500 puffs is the best option for vapers looking for a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience. It is an incredible device that can be used for a longer period of time. Elux Firerose EX4500 is an innovative disposable device that offers users a pleasurable experience.

Elux Firerose EX4500 disposable vape features a crystal shell design with a hexagonal shape and a mesh coil that delivers a smooth and consistent vaping experience. Additionally, this device is incredibly compact and portable; make it easy for consumers to take it with them where they want to. It also requires no-maintenance.

With a built-in 1500 mAh battery that can supports up to 4500 puffs, making it long-lasting option for vapers. This Disposable vapes device includes a 2ml liquid capacity, a nicotine dosage of 20 mg (2%). For vapers who like to have a premium vaping experience without the burden of refilling or recharging the devices, the Elux FireRose EX4500 is a practical and hassle-free solution because it cannot be refilled.

Elux Firerose EX4500 Price

Not only does the Elux FireRose EX4500 delivers a proper puffing experience, but it does so at a market-beating price. In conclusion, the EX4500 is the proper choice for those looking for a convenient, affordable and satisfying vaping experience. With up to 4500 puffs in each device, you’ll be properly hooked on the Elux FireRose in no time. The cost of each Elux firerose ex4500 disposable vape is only £10.99.

How to use Elux Firerose EX4500

The Elux Firerose 4500 is easy to use. It is the best choice for those who are always on the move, this elux 4500 device ready to use straight out of the box. The draw-activated mechanism makes this device easy to use, so the user can enjoy vape without having difficulty with buttons or settings.


Prepare yourself to enjoy the amazing flavors of Firefox EX4500 Puffs from Elux! Every puff is packed with enrich flavours that will give pleasure in vaping experience. Every hit from Firerose EX4500  flavours will be equally potent and flavourful as the last. The Elux Firerose EX4500 offering variety of different flavours and find your perfect one.

Now say goodbye to the flavourless puffs! Every puff of Firerose EX4500 by Elux packed with the distinct flavors, ranging from fruit blends to tobacco-inspired tastes. Plus, this intense flavor lasts until your last puffs. It is perfect for those who love a strong vape hit.